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I’m In!

I was about 19 when a friend of mine started talking about football. It must’ve been shortly after New Year’s because I remember that I had recently watched the Rose Bowl Parade on television. In my innocence, I asked how … Continue reading

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The Things I May Have Forgotten to Mention

My parents called me yesterday. They said it had been over a week since we last talked and they just wanted to catch up on things. It wasn’t too long into the conversation when my dad asked about the weather … Continue reading

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For the Love of Coffee and a Good Man

Last night I was browsing through Pintrest before bed.  I stumbled across a board about coffee and just had to laugh at some of the silliness posted.  (Just in case you are unaware, it’s pretty much a State Law that … Continue reading

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Talkin’ About the Weather

There’s a reason you are supposed to jot ideas down in a notebook.  Especially if you are past the age of oh…say…27 or thereabout…and have a brain like a sieve.  There’s so much I wanted to tell you but haven’t … Continue reading

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When Relatives Come to Visit

Last weekend, our Aunt Edie and Uncle Jim made it to Seattle on their Nationwide Tour Extravaganza (OK, I’m pretty sure they just call it a really long roadtrip, but that sounds so tedious so I thought I would jazz … Continue reading

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Keeping It In Perspective

Yesterday I stopped to get gas and was shivering beside my car (with Mimi’s words echoing in my head about why on earth we don’t just move to Oregon where the common folk aren’t allowed to pump their own gas) … Continue reading

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Off Kilter

When Mimi was a little girl, I had to go through the next day’s plan with her before she could go to sleep every night.  The next morning, she needed to go over the day’s happenings one more time…just to … Continue reading

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