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Checking In

On the first day of December, (Why do I have a sudden urge to start singing about my True Love?) my friend Louise sent me a text asking if I had all my Christmas shopping done yet.  I texted back … Continue reading

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Shopping with Shaun

Our KT has been home from college for a four day weekend.  She just happened to have a list of things that she needed to bring back to school with her.  Doting parents that we are, we made it one … Continue reading

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Just A Few Necessities

82BQK8ET8S46 For some reason, it’s been driving me absolutely nuts that we ran out of trash bags.  I never realized that I had a “thing” about having trash bags on hand.  It never even occurred to me that I might … Continue reading

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Early Morning Shopping For Nerds

Last week, KT excitedly started talking about shopping on Black Friday.  I merely groaned and hoped that she would forget about it.  My hopes were dashed to the ground when I realized that she had talked both her grandmother and … Continue reading

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