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The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pie

Despite the fact that we are going to the home of some friends for Thanksgiving dinner, I have been busy creating vegan options for my family to dine on.  One of the things I decided to experiment with whip up … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Package

KT had been searching for vegan hiking boots for a few months. Little did we know that finding a sturdy leather-free boot would become such an odyssey.  In desperation, she finally gave up and searched for a pair online.  (Interestingly, … Continue reading

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The Sushi Flower

We just got back from KT’s graduation ceremony a little while ago.  I’m wet, cold, tired and my feet hurt…I figured that was a great reason to blow off blogging tonight.  Yet…I don’t seem to be able to do it.  … Continue reading

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Our Granola Girl

We were spending some family time together, when out of the blue our oldest daughter KT asked what “granola” meant. My husband looked at her for a moment as though she had grown a second head before telling her quite … Continue reading

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A chat with my mom.

Me: Mom, what would you like for your birthday dinner? Mom: Um…how about lasagna!  Kt can eat that, right? Me: Well…not really, vegans don’t eat cheese.  I can figure out a version for her though. Mom: Well, in that case…how … Continue reading

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